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Mission Statement
The mission of the Northwest Bellydance Company is to bring the art of belly dance to the public through art, education and entertainment. We aim to develop new standards of achievement for the art form as a whole, and redefine the spectrum in which belly dance is perceived.
We strive to educate both students of dance and the general public. We aim to accomplish this through strong educational programs reflected in the Academy’s curriculum and educational outreach programs.
Through our public productions we strive to reach the average person by moving them on an artistic level. We use belly dance as a medium of expression on the same level of a ballet company, an orchestra or an art gallery. By bringing belly dance to the theater, using strong production elements such as choreography, set design, story telling and more, we hope to inspire our audiences.

The Northwest Bellydance Company was founded by Delilah Ra in 2001 as Mystik Dream. Delilah ran the company in three states; the family was stationed with the Air Force in Alabama and Hawaii before retiring to Washington.
Being established permanently in one place has allowed the company to grow and flourish. Within a year of starting up in town the company had quickly grown to six members and the troupe began performing in and around Spokane regularly at events and parties. In 2010 they produced their first theatrical production Almishkal at the Bing Crosby Theater.
Over the years, the Northwest Bellydance Company has become a mainstay of the entertainment world in and around Spokane. Their full and part time members have expanded into three ranks – principles, soloists and corps. Their repertoire includes hours of choreography in addition to each dancer’s solo material, spanning several styles such as classical, tribal fusion and folkloric inspired. They have been hired for countless private events including weddings, corporate parties, car shows, bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduation parties, college shows, opening acts and more in Spokane and across Washington such as Elk, Medical Lake, Pasco and Seattle as well as Idaho, Montana, Alabama, Florida and Hawaii.
In 2009 under Nefabit’s direction, Northwest Bellydance Academy was opened to provide a low-cost, high availability rehearsal space for the ever-growing company. Renting studio space was expensive, and one hour a week fell drastically short of the repertoire the company needed to rehearse. The Academy is easily the best thing to have happened to the Company, opening new doors allowing the Company hours a week to consistently rehearse and develop new choreography in a full spectrum setting. Over time, Nefabit’s father single-handedly transformed the concrete floors, busted walls and pea-green paint into the lovely studio we see today. The company’s class schedule quickly grew with space and full availability at their fingertips, and the studio now hosts nearly 20 hours of rehearsals and classes a week and has become the largest bellydance studio in the Inland Northwest offering three different styles to all levels of adults and children all under one roof.

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  1. Ariana Gravelle says:

    Hello there-
    I’m out of cda, and have had some belly dancing classes in the past. It’s been a while, but I think I’ll pick up things ok. I’m wondering if I should start beginner, or intermediate? The Commute makes Sunday easier for my schedule.

    • nefabit says:

      Hi there! I usually encourage new students to attend a couple beginner classes just to refresh, and also to familiarize with my style. Right now my beginning Sunday class is full though, so I would be ok with having you in the intermediate class from 3:15-5:15!

      • Ariana Gravelle says:

        I actually think I’d rather be ahead of the game than behind. When’s the next sign up?

      • nefabit says:

        The next session begins in March!

      • ariana says:

        Can I just sign up for that on sunday now? What time will it be? how long does it run? and cost? Your not having a crash course between now and then are you? Watch a bunch of your videos last night. Beautiful.

      • nefabit says:

        Yes, absolutely! The Sunday class is 2pm – 3pm and the class is ongoing every Sunday.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi, Saw you last night at Azar’s. Will you have Beginner’s classes starting in April? Also, I don’t see anything here about your 2nd location on Holland Road. I think I’d like to “drop in” once to check it out. Before committing to multiple weeks. Could you please contact me via phone, as I don’t always have access to internet (509)389-8017, thanks.

    • nefabit says:

      Hi Lisa! I’m so happy to hear from you. You can drop in to the Sunday 2pm or Tuesday 7pm classes! I no longer teach at the Professional Performing Arts Studio, my flyer is a little outdated. I will send you a text message or voice mail. Thank you so much!

  3. Rebecca Silva-Clinard says:

    Hello, Do you have any mother-daughter type classes for my 12 year old and myself? =)

  4. Alicia Paschall says:

    I am looking for quote of 13 people to teach class at my program i am opening and looking for class be taught at a bengineer level and how much you charge for 2 sessions a month for 1 hour twice a month. I am looking for activities that will lower anxsixty and help with self esteem and healing from trauma. Please send a qoute to my email

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