Class Policies and Studio FAQ

BY PARTICIPATING IN CLASS, AND/OR CHECKING THE BOX “I AGREE TO STUDIO POLICIES AND TERMS OF SERVICE” Students and parents agree to fully release and hold harmless the Northwest Bellydance Company, Michelle and Don Hinton, any employees, faculty, volunteers, insurers and any associates of any and all liability claims, demands or causes of actions for any reason, including but not limited to; damage of personal property, theft, loss, liability, injury, illness or death which may arise out of or in any connection with participation in any classes, rehearsals, performances or activities conducted by Northwest Bellydance now or in the future. Students further release the Northwest Bellydance Company and their associates, employees, insurers, guest faculty, venue staff and volunteers while participating in events offsite, including but not limited to performances, events, competitions, rehearsals or workshops held elsewhere and while in transit.
By registering, students accept the policies of the Northwest Bellydance Company and will follow all rules and guidelines to the best of their ability.

Directions and Parking

From 1-90 go North on the Maple/Walnut exit for 4 miles. Turn left on Rowan Ave, cross Ash St and take your next right on Oak St. We are second on the left. We are in a residential area in a fully finished home studio at 5515 N Oak St

We are in a residential area, and our neighbors kindly cooperate with us. Please help us respect their space and maintain good relationships with them.
Please park in the driveway if there is room, or on the street in front of our house, pulling up close to other cars to leave as much room as possible. If all the spots are taken, you may park in front of 5501, the house to our left when looking at the house.
Do not park across the street or at 5521, or closer than 4 feet from the driveway at 5521.
You WILL be asked to move an improperly parked car. Sorry!


Studio Etiquette

  • Do not touch or lean against the mirrors.
  • Do not sit on, lean against, hang from or put unnecessary weight on the barre.
  • No street shoes on the studio floor – remove shoes before entering the studio
  • Please bring only what you need for class into the studio and leave other belongings in the foyer closet.
  • No food in the studio. Snacks may be eaten in the kitchen between classes.
  • Keep off-topic conversation to a bare minimum and speak quietly so other students can hear the teacher.
  • When a class is in session, please refrain from loud conversation in the kitchen
  • Please call ahead and request permission to bring an observer, child or drop in guest.
  • Please bring only non-breakable drinkware into the studio
  • Chewing gum is a choking hazard and is not allowed in class.
  • Do not sit on the stairs.
  • Knock softly and open the studio door slowly to be sure the way is clear.

 Arrival & Punctuality

Please arrive on time – if you are 5 to 10 minutes early you may come on in and wait in the studio. If you are earlier please wait in your vehicle while we finish the current class, or finish preparations for the first class. If you are late please let yourself in and join class quietly, warming yourself up before joining. Please arrive ready for class, with proper attire, a yoga mat, water and anything you need for class.


Drop In Classes

Drop in classes are 12.00
You must call or text before attending if you are not enrolled in class weekly. We enroll anywhere from 6 to 10 students in a class, and an unannounced drop in student may not have a place to park, or room to participate. If you attend without warning you may be asked to park around the corner and sit and observe class.

Tuition and Payment

Payment is due at your first class, at the beginning of the month or session.
If you enroll after the first week of the month, tuition will be pro-rated until the end of the month or session.
We accept  cash, check, and Visa, Mastercard and Discover. With cards, you may pay in person or via phone.

One class per week for 4 weeks – 40.00
Two classes/week for 4 weeks – 65.00,
Three classes/week for 4 weeks – 95.00

8 week session
One class per week for 8 weeks – 75.00
Two classes per week for 8 weeks – 120.00
Three classes per week for 8 weeks – $175.00

All payments are FINAL. We do not offer refunds. If you can no longer attend, or if you have been dismissed from the studio for any reason, you are not entitled to a refund.


Attendance, Cancellation and Credits

Missed classes – makeup and credit
Excepting emergency, students who cannot attend must call at least one hour prior to class, or the class will not be credited.
Regardless of reasons for missing class, students will be given up to two credits that can be applied to the next payment. Credits will be applied only to the following month.
Students can make up a missed class within the same month, room permitting. You must call or text to schedule your makeup class.

Getting bumped
If any student is absent for two classes in a row without explanation, that student will get bumped and we will enroll a student from the waitlist. To keep your spot in class, please stay in touch with us and notify us of prologned absences.

Studio Cancelation
If the studio must cancel a class without a substitute the class value will be deducted from the next month’s tuition EXCEPT in circumstances beyond the faculty’s control, such as weather:

If an extreme weather advisory has been issued, the temperature drops below 10 degrees farenheight or Shadle Park High School has  a snow closure, classes at NWBD will automatically be canceled, without notice or refund. The studio will not be financially responsible for dangerous weather. Extended periods of exceptionally dangerous winter weather may cause exception, and such exceptions will be communicated to students.

Please do not attend class if you are ill. Sickness spreads quickly through the studio and in most cases we see attendance drop up to 60% if something is going around!
If the instructor is ill, we will do our best to find a sub. If no one is available, the class will be credited to the next month or session.


Private Lesson Policies

Private lessons are subject to availability with the instructor.

Payment for private lessons is due up front. With the exception of single private lessons, recurring private lessons are purchased in one month block minimums.

$45.00 per hour
Save 15% when you purchase an 8 week session.

No credits or refunds will be given for a canceled private lesson.
A no-show with no notice will incur an extra 10.00 fee, due by the next class.

Private lessons are non-refundable. Remaining balance for private lessons may be transferred to a group lesson with the same instructor at any time if the student is not able to continue private lessons.


Failure to Follow Policies
A student who has been found to be in violation of studio policies will be reminded verbally. Continuation of violation will incur written reminders. A student or parent who has been reminded and warned of repeat violation may be dismissed from the studio at any time without refund. By participating in classes at NWBD you are agreeing to abide by our policies to the best of your capability.


Photo Release
Students release Northwest Bellydance to use photo, video and recordings of student activities or performances for public use. Whenever possible, studio will obtain approval before using photos of students publicly.




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