Classical Bellydance Classes in Spokane



Spring 2016 Schedule
Level 1 – Wednesday 6:00-7:00 PM
Level 2-3 Tuesday 7:00-9:00 PM
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What is classical bellydance?
Classical bellydance is the epitome of the Golden Era Egyptian entertainment. The style is airy, graceful and fluid. Dancers are decked in dazzling costumes embellished with crystals, glass beads, sequins and luxe fabrics. The rich, orchestral music is complex and full of subtle nuances and dramatic crescendos.

What can I expect?
In her classes, Nefabit focuses on accessibility for dancers of all levels, proper body alignment, and a strong foundation. Beginning dancers are introduced to basic torso isolations, arm patterns, footwork and simple turns, as well as simple combinations. Intermediate levels build on the basics, adding layers, combinations, more traveling and level changes, musicality and drum rhythms, improvisation, introduction to veil work and finger cymbals, and more. Advanced levels provide challenge with difficult movements such as back bending and stomach isolations, build on strength and flexibility, professionalism, working with props, developing solos, working in a troupe and so much more.

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Listen to examples of music used in classical bellydance