Crash Course Workshop

June 16, 2021 7:30pm 
Audubon Park, Spokane
Pre-registration required

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(509) 481-1533

Brush up on the basics, or jump start your dance training with this specially designed workshop.
This class covers the basic material in Nefabit’s Level One Curriculum. This is a high-intensity class designed to introduce to you to proper mechanics and technique, and supplement weekly classes and at home practice.

You will learn:
– Essential posture to create a beautiful framework for your technique
-Chest, hip and torso isolations like the chest slide, hip circle, undulation and more
– Basic shimmies, such as the vertical and horizontal hip shimmy, chest shimmy and vibration shimmy
– Beautiful arm work and basic positions to highlight your movements
– Footwork to get you moving, from the grapevine to the box step
– Simple turns, such as the crossover, hook turn and chainne

And lots more! This workshop is jam-packed with material, with a hands-on approach to be sure that your technique is the best it can be.

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