Secret Enrollment


IMG_8249Hello, students! I am offering secret enrollment again as a thank-you to existing students.

One hour classes (beginning/intermediate)
10.00 off month or 20.00 off session

Two hour classes (advanced)
20.00 off month or session
Pay using the following buttons, or call (509) 481-1533 
Be sure to select which class you want at the bottom of the page!
Normal prices are 45.00/month and 75.00/session for one hour classes and 75.00/month and 120.00 session for two hour classes!

One month, 1-hour classes (beginner/intermediate)

10.00 off


One month, 2-hour classes (advanced)

20.00 off (advanced 2-hour class)


8-Week Session, 1 hour classes (beginning/intermediate)

20.00 off


8-Week Session, 2-hour class (advanced)


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