Flexibility for Bellydancers


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Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 PM
Beginning January 7th

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Gain the flexibility to perform advanced bellydance vocabulary such as backbends, floorwork, splits, arabesque, Turkish arabesque, battements, and more! Learn safe, activated stretches that are more effective than static stretches, and methods that work with opposing muscles to increase range of motion in both directions (such as abduction and adduction, or extension and contraction)

  • Maximize flexibility in the torso for maximum range of motion in the hips and chest
  • Increase spinal flexibility for backbending and floorwork
  • Develop the hamstrings, quads and hips for splits, arabesques and more
  • Isolate and activate stomach muscles for belly rolls and flutters
  • Learn about common injuries, and how stretching and strengthening can prevent them.
  • And more!
Nefabit's home studio space

Nefabit’s home studio space

Classes are held at Nefabit’s personal home studio. Join us in a professional, personalized environment!

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