Live Online Classes


Learn bellydance anywhere with Nefabit!

Our entire current schedule is online, and you can join us from anywhere! All you need is a decent internet connection. 

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About Live Online Classes with Zoom

Got internet? You’re good to go!
To get ready for your online class, you will need to connet to the internet. Click the Zoom link provided in your email upon registering to log in to the classroom.

Zoom is Interactive.

You can choose to allow permissions for video and audio, so you can receive feedback just like in an in person class, or you can choose to enter the classroom with these functions disabled if you would rather just follow along. With audio and video, everyone in the classroom can interact.

To connect via Computer
Simply click the link, and your browser will connect you to the classroom. You will need to enter the password (provided in email) and choose to allow camera and microphone.
But what if I don’t have a webcam?
Don’t worry! You can still follow along with us and ask questions, we just won’t be able to see you! You can also purchase a webcam fairly cheaply.

To connect via Phone
you will need to download the Zoom app from your app store, which takes a few moments to install. Then, click the link, enter the password, and allow microphone and video permissions, if you so choose.

Private Environment
The virtual studio is private and secure. Only the instructor other participants will be able to see or hear you. And of course, you can always choose not to give permission for audio and video. While we do occasionally record the class, you will always be asked for permission, and the portion of class recorded will only be of the instructor.

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