OPEN AUDITIONS for Northwest Bellydance in Spokane
Sunday, January 4th 2015 at 4:00 pm at the Northwest Bellydance Academy
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Auditions to join the company and perform in theatrical shows
We produce theatrical shows and are looking for more dancers . We are planning two major shows for 2015, one in Spokane and one in Western Washington. Details and venues will be determined. We also have many opportunities to perform for public events and paid performances at parties.

Open to dancers of all levels
Our company works with a structured approach to include dancers of all skill levels in our productions and performances. We have four ranks – corps, demi-soloist, soloist and principal.
Our corps program is designed to give beginning and intermediate dancers accessible opportunities to gain performance experience. The choreography is simple, and designed to add depth and framing to complex professional choreography. Demi-soloists and soloists are semi-professional, cast in main line choreography, and may be cast for solos. Principals are professional dancers featured in front line choreography and solos, are given the most exposure and responsibility, as well as paid group and solo gigs.

Audition Process
Please arrive in fitted clothing without obscuring skirts, hip scarves etc.
We will have a 10 minute free warm up
Corps rank
Student dancers auditioning will learn a short section of choreography, then perform it. We will ask questions about dance experience and your goals.
Higher ranks
Semi-professional and professional dancers will learn a harder choreography in a shorter time frame.
If you have a head shot or resume, please bring us a copy.
Please prepare a short solo up to 3 minutes in the style you would most like to perform. If you can do the splits, backbends, stomach flutters,etc please include that in your routine.

Requirements if accepted

  • Must attend at least one rehearsal per week
  • Must be available for major shows (dates given in advance)
  • Must memorize choreography within a reasonable time frame
  • May need to contribute 30-60.00 per choreography for costuming expenses and be available for fitting and constructing costumes (for new choreography or if existing costumes don’t fit)
  • Expect to be cast in two to four pieces, depending on rank, frequency of rehearsal, availability, and memorization skills.
  • Must thoroughly read troupe manual and agree to all policies and behavior standards for the company.
  • We work with community-minded dancers with a positive outlook and team spirit.

We hope that you will consider joining us, as part of your dance journey! We work very hard to provide as many opportunities to our dancers as possible. If you are looking to work with a professional, supportive community of artists and gain valuable performance experience and exposure, you have come to the right place!

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