Beyond Basics Weekend Intensive Aug 12-13



Beyond Basics Weekend Intensive
Aug 12-13 12:00pm-4:30pm
Company Ballet School 5424 E Sprague Ave Spokane, WA 99205

Kick-start your training with this intensive weekend! This course covers in-depth material designed to deepen your understanding of raqs sharqi. This course is designed for complete beginners through intermediate dancers, but advanced dancers will appreciate in-depth and detailed instruction to improve the quality of all movements and concepts.
This course will emphasize both theoretical learning/discussion as well as drilling and repetition for maximum retention.

In this course, we will cover the following topics in-depth:

– Essential Posture and positions
– Proper walking gait
– All primary isolations of the chest, hips, and torso
– Graceful and fluid arm pathways
– Travelling steps
– Basic turns
– Balance and weight distribution
– Dancing on releve and pointing toes
– Understanding anatomy of working muscles
– Theatrical terminology
– Introduction to finger cymbals
– Introduction to veil technique
– Musical theory and most common oriental rhythms
– Overview of basic history and some cultural discussion
– Basic Arabic for musical understanding, and greeting/basic conversation
– So much more

The course is eight hours over two days from 12:00pm-4:30 pm (includes a half-hour break)
Please provide your email address and phone number when registering.

Combo Deal:
Register for both the intensive and the 8-week session beginning August 16 for 220.00 (50.00 off)

Please pack lunch/snacks, water bottle (there is a refill station), towel, and notebook


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