Classic Choreography for Beginners



Learn a beautiful choreography designed for new dancers! This is a simple, elegant and exciting choreography set to the classic song Fi Yom We Leila by Yassir Jamal.

This choreography is designed for a beginner with basic knowledge of beginning level steps such as horizontal hip circles, snake arms, and hip bumps.

Included is everything you need to master this choreography:

– Breakdown video fully explaining the choreography in detail
– Explanation of performing as a group or a solo
– Practice loops for each combination
– Full practice at slow tempo with and without verbal cues
– Full practice at regular tempo without cues
– Full practice at regular tempo without cues
– Music links and resources
– Written permission to perform the choreography

Total time approximately 45 minutes

Note access to this class is INCLUDED with enrollment in beginning session

After purchase, you will receive the link to the course in your email. You will have instant and lifetime access to the course with internet connection. Please contact us with any problems.


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