Demystifying Double Veil Zoom Workshop Recording




Let’s take the mystery out of double veil! Learn the secret techniques to make your double veil look effortless and hypnotizing!
This is a multi-level class and will quickly cover basics, moving on to more advanced concepts.
This is a LIVE RECORDED CLASS. Upon purchase you will have unlimited access to the recording.

In the video:
– Proper hand holds and placement
– Coordinating both arms to work together
– Grips and release to swiftly move between holding the veils together and separate
– Technique for loose veils and for hip-tucked “wing” style
– Adaptations for double veil from single veil technique
– High impact moves
– How to connect movements together for optimum flow
– Relevant turning technique
– Mini choreography
Time permitting, bonus material will be included!
Want an example? See this video

Two veils – I recommend silk or imitation silk semi-circle cut. But any veils will work! The effects will be slightly different depending on weight and size.
Room to spin and practice!
I recommend wearing socks or dance shoes, as we will be using traveling and turning movements.
Here’s a tip! Take GINGER or dramamine before class to reduce dizziness during turns!


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