Nefabit Presents: Rhythm and Rhyme by Roger Sumner


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Become a master of rhythm! Nefabit and master percussionist Roger Sumner have come together to create this unique CD designed for drilling, teaching, and performing. Use the tracks to practice dance combinations, zills, drumming, and more!
Featuring five popular rhythms: maqsum, baladi, malfuf, saiidi and çiftitelli, each rhythm is presented at three speeds to develop your skills. The tracks are extra long to give you ample time to focus without interruption.
In addition to the rhythm tracks, there are also two shimmy tracks to turbo-charge your shimmy skills, and a complete drum solo featuring all five rhythms!
This music is royalty – free! We simply ask that you give credit where applicable. Happy dancing!

Track list:
01 Maqsum Slow – 8:52
02 Maqsum Medium – 9:01
03 Maqsum Filled – 9:00
04 Baladi Slow – 8:52
05 Baladi Medium – 9:01
06 Baladi Filled 9:01
07 Malfuf Slow – 8:50
08 Malfuf Medium – 8:59
09 Malfuf Filled – 9:02
10 Saiidi Slow – 8:52
11 Saiidi Medium 9:02
12 Saiidi Filled 9:01
13 Çiftitelli Slow 8:50
14 Çiftitelli Medium 9:00
15 Çiftitelli Filled 9:00
16 Maqsum Shimmy Marathon 8:53
17 Shimmy Till You Drop 8:16
18 Poetry in Motion Drum Solo 1:44

Maqsum Filled Sample

Shimmy Till You Drop Sample

Poetry in Motion Drum Solo Sample

Drumming by Roger Sumner
Recording and mastering by Todd Milne
Cover photo by John Austin


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