Luxury Bellydance Drum Solos, Vol. 3 by Yassir Jamal Album


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Enjoy 10 luxurious bellydance drum solos by  Yassir Jamal, including exclusive track “Dance of the Bellydancers” composed for Nefabit.

The drum solos are rich and complex, perfect to add excitement and dynamic to your bellydance performance. A must-have for any bellydancer’s collection.

Track List
1. Eternity Drum Solo (Exclusive for Julia Farid) 3:29
2. Marvelous Maya Drum Solo (Exclusive for Maya Dbaich) 4:14
3. Dance of the Bellydancers (Exclusive for Nefabit) 3:10
4. Aisa’s Carribean Flavor (Exclusive for Aisa Lafour) 5:07
5 Phenomenal Drum Solo (Exclusive for Anastasia Krasnova) 3:57
6. Timeless Drum Solo (Exclusive for Silvana) 3:12
7. Intense Dance (Exclusive for Anita Szegedi) 2:48
8. Spring Rhythms (Exclusive for Carol Hafsa) 2:30
9. Sweet Drum Solo (Exclusive for Shehaifa) 5:30
10. Special Maksum (Exclusive for Oscar Flores) 2:23



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