Bellydance Classes in Spokane

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We believe dance is for everyone. Absolutely all are welcome at our studio. All ages, body types, races, gender identities, abilities or skill levels; or whether you are interested in dance for fitness, fun, community or artistry, welcome!

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Dramatic Pop Choreography Workshop July 17 11-1 PST Join me to learn intermediate-professional level choreography set to the Turkish pop song Mendilimde Kirmizim Var. Adjustments to cater to your ability level will be provided, making this choreography more accessible to dancers of different levels. The virtual workshop will be live via zoom OR watch the replay any time if you can’t attend the workshop.


Beginning Bellydance – Mondays 5:00 – 6:00 PM or Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Learn the fundamentals of the ethereal Golden Era style of bellydance. This style is airy and graceful, set to rich orchestral music and bedecked in dazzling costumes. Nefabit’s class is designed to be a fun and informative introduction to this beautiful art. This course covers essential posture, shimmies, arm work, hip and chest isolations, simple turns, basic zill patterns, graceful veil movements, and more! No experience necessary.

Crash Course Workshop June 16 7:30 – 9:30 PM
This is an IN-PERSON, OUTDOOR class!
Brush up on the basics, or jump start your dance training with this specially designed workshop.
This class covers the basic material in Nefabit’s Level One Curriculum. This is a high-intensity class designed to introduce to you to proper mechanics and technique, and supplement weekly classes and at home practice.

Intermediate Bellydance Tuesdays 7:15-8:45 PM
This class builds on level one concepts, adding more advanced movement voabulary, combinations and choreography, layering movements together, traveling steps and turns, musicality and zill playing, as well as more work with props such as veils and swords.
Completion of Beginning Bellydance or previous experience required. Please inquire for a placement consultation.

Advanced Bellydance Mondays 6:15-8:15 PM 
Take your dancing to the next level! In this class, we cover a wider variety of technique and topics spanning multiple styles such as Classical Egyptian, Turkish Orientale, Tribal Fusion and Folkloric styles. Learn complex isolations, layers, and combinations, advanced footwork,
elaborate turns and traveling steps, back bending, floor work, stomach isolations such as belly rolls and flutters, and more. Previous experience required. Please inquire for placement information.


Unlimited Classes – Get your VIB Status
Get ahead of the game and enjoy all that our studio has to offer. This combo package offers an incredible value and makes a wonderful gift for any dance junkie! Choose from a wide variety of classes, plus VIB only benefits like a monthly private lesson, priority enrollment, free access to pre-recorded online classes and more.

Intermediate Fusion – Thursdays 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Learn this edgy blend of traditional bellydance movement vocabulary and modern influences. With an east-meets-west and post-modern aesthetic, tribal fusion opens the door to a portrayal of darker moods and avant-garde expression. Tribal fusion style is defined by both slinky, sinewy movements and sharp staccato locks, fusing traditional bellydance with inspiration from hip hop and other dances.


Cardio Combos – Thursdays 6:00 – 6:45 PM
This is a fat-blasting, fun and feminine class designed to get your heart rate up!
Bellydance moves target the obliques, abs, transverse abdominis, glutes and quads. Tone these areas for the ultimate hourglass figure while burning upwards of 250 calories per session! No experience required


Flexibility for Bellydance Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:30 PM – wait listed
Gain the flexibility to perform advanced bellydance vocabulary such as backbends, floorwork, splits, arabesque, Turkish arabesque, battements, and more! Learn safe, activated stretches that are more effective than static stretches, and methods that work with opposing muscles to increase range of motion in both directions.


Bellydance with Zills Thursdays 4:45 – 5:45 PM – wait listed
Add excitement and dynamic to your performance! This class is designed to get both novice and experienced zill players playing correctly, diversely, and while dancing! Zills, or sagat, are small cymbals played on the thumb and middle finger. They can be played by a musician in the band, but more frequently are played by the dancer, especially in Turkish and American Cabaret styles.

private lesson webtile

Private Lessons to Suit Your Schedule
Schedule a private class to tailor a lesson specifically to your needs, or accommodate your busy schedule. Some great reasons to take a private class include personalized feedback on your technique, one-on-one coaching to develop a choreography, catch up on course material, receive feedback on expression or performance skills, work on specific areas like veil, floorwork or drum solo
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Workshops and Special Events


Crash Course Workshop Saturday, April 11 2020 
Brush up on the basics, or jump start your dance training with this specially designed workshop.
This class covers the basic material in Nefabit’s Level One Curriculum. This is a high-intensity class designed to introduce to you to proper mechanics and technique or to supplement weekly classes and at home practice.
No experience necessary, all levels welcome

Studio Open House -TBD
Join students and company members for an informal party! We will enjoy some performance DVDs, mini tutorials, costume show and tell, and general dance related relaxation. Bring a snack, a costume project, a solo work in progress, or just your lovely self and have some fun with us!


Zeina Level One Choreography  – TBD
Learn a full routine to show off your moves! This special two-hour class will break down Nefabit’s level one choreography “Zeina.” Have fun, exercise, and gain confidence through dance.
No experience necessary, all levels welcome
Notes, edited music, and choreography release included!

Photo by Sudden Exposure
Photo by Sudden Exposure

About Nefabit’s Instruction

A second-generation dancer, Nefabit has spent her life under the tutelage of her mother, Delilah Ra. Growing up in a professional company that she went on to direct herself has given Nefabit years of experience to pass on to her students. Nefabit has been a student of many dance styles for 25 years, and has been teaching since 2008 and performing since 1996. She has studied many forms of dance, including ballet, jazz, hula, Tahitian, Irish step, flamenco, Bollywood, musical theater and modern dance, but bellydance has always been her greatest passion. She has, and continues to study the many styles of bellydance extensively, from classical Egyptian, American cabaret, Turkish orientale, tribal fusion, and folkloric styles such as Khaleegi and Raks Assaya. She finds happiness in sharing her love to as many people as possible.

“Best all around belly dance instruction in Eastern Washington. Learn to dance from teachers who teach with love and encouragement”.  – Rhonda H.
“I take classes from these guys! They are the best!” – Summer D.
“The very best dance studio! ” – Thomas R.
“They are great with our girls!” – Crystal T.
“Northwest Bellydance is hands down the best!” – C. Crane
“Professional, affordable, and some of the best teachers around!! Take a drop-in class and try it!”  – Linda S.
“Nefabit’s instruction is fantastic!”  – Natale S.

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  1. Carrie johnson says:

    I have always to learn this!! Can you tell me more about it, I cant even dance! Ugh. Are their specific weight or height requirements? Dont know much about it. Thanks 🙂

    • nefabit says:

      Hi Carrie!
      I like to think there is not such thing as someone who “can’t dance”. Anyone can learn with the proper tools!
      There are no height or weight requirements in bellydance – quite the opposite! Bellydance is open to all body types and encourages body acceptance and diversity. Our students range from 14 to 60+ and all kinds of heights and weights.
      I encourage you to try it, and do something for you! You are most welcome to drop in on a class for 12.00! Just call or text our phone (481-1533) to let us know which day you would like to come!

  2. Mary Gardner says:

    Hi! I’m excited for your Spring classes to start! My sister (Susan) has already signed up for the Mon. 6 pm Tribal classes and messaged that she will not be able to attend the first class. I am also unable to attend the first class.

    Thanks and looking forward to dancing!


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