Welcome to the Northwest Bellydance Company

Your resource for professional instruction and performances in Spokane and beyond.

Due to COVID-19, we are offering all classes online. Please register for class as usual, you will recieve a link to join our virtual Zoom clases!

Our studio Northwest Bellydance Academy offers group classes, private lessons, online classes and workshops. We have multiple options for beginning students, and serious study programs for advanced and professional dancers.
takeaclasswebtileWe produce professional theatrical productions in Spokane, and around the Northwest. Stay tuned for dates on our next full-length production. We also perform regularly at festivals and events, as well as community shows.

getticketswebtileOur professional dancers are available to make your special occasion truly memorable. Contact us to find out about booking dancers for weddings, banquets, award ceremonies and more.


Northwest Bellydance | (509) 481-1533 | nefabit@northwestbellydance.com

22 Responses to Welcome to the Northwest Bellydance Company

  1. Deborah Lucassen says:

    Hello Nefebit, wishing you a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you in January. I re- enrolled in Nickies mon.class and your wed..class. Can you tell me my total amount owing so I can get my payment in early. Thank you, Deborah Lucassen

    • nefabit says:

      Hi Debbie!
      Happy Holidays to you too! For two classes at 20% off the price for one month is 52.00 or 76.00 for the full 8 weeks. Can’t wait to see you in class again!

  2. I have stretch marks and feel like I absolutely can’t show belly. Can I still learn? Any suggestions…

    • nefabit says:

      Hi Erin!
      First off, many belly dancers have stretch marks! Belly dance embraces all body types, especially at a recreational level. You will find people of all types and ages in our classes. One of the beautiful things about belly dance is that, through community support, many people find new confidence in their bodies.
      However, you don’t have to show your belly to learn, or even perform belly dance! In class, you could wear leotards or wear a fitted shirt that covers your tummy. For performance, there are several types of dresses that can be worn rather than a two piece costume, such as a beladi dress. We also use body nets that come in shades of nudes and colors that are worn under the costumes, and these are effective at hiding stretch marks. I wear them frequently at family restaurants.
      If you are interested in belly dance, I hope that you will pursue it, and embrace your body the way it is. 🙂

  3. Penny Delgado says:

    our girl scout troop is doing an international event where our girls r doing info on india. as part if our performance we would like to get a couple of belly dancers to dance for the audience. i would like info on how to do this. the date we need this is feb 28.

  4. Sandra K Coleman says:

    Hi I just posted all my belly dancing items on craigslist perhaps you could share this with your students Thank you
    Sandra K

    • nefabit says:

      Hello! Yes I will let them know!
      Would you be interested in bringing them to the studio? Sometimes we have people bring things by the studio for a week or so for people to look and and buy. I might be interested in some of the CD’s and hip scarves.

  5. Angela says:

    How much are tickets to the Arabesque event?

  6. kitty Conley says:

    I am looking for an instructor I met at a yard sale two years ago… I bought a purple bellydance outfit and a fairy costume at her yard sale. She gave me her card and said if I was willing to perform, I could have free lessons. I am now back in the area and would love to pursue this. Here’s hoping I’ve reached the right sight!

    • nefabit says:

      Hi, there!
      I don’t believe that was me, but if you are interested in free lessons, I do often trade lessons in exchange for volunteering at events. We encourage even our professional dancers to take class, and continue to learn and improve and to support the community of local teachers! Learning dance is a lifelong journey. 🙂 Hope you find the person you are looking for, but you are always welcome to join us!

  7. Krystol McGee says:

    Hello. I’m a 60 y. o. transgender and would love to start taking lessons to improve my feminine moves and body language. I don’t want to disrupt classes because of my gender so I’m wondering if there would be a problem. It would be both my wife and me taking classes…and we’re neither in the best shape, physically.

    • nefabit says:

      Hi there! We accept everyone in our classes and you and your wife are most welcome to join us! And bellydancing is a great way to tone your body, and definitely an amazing way to develop feminine movement. You’re welcome to enroll for the January session online, or call e directly at 481-1533 to enroll.


    Hi my name is Leanne my cousin recently passed she was a belly dance teacher and dancer she made all her unique outfits I have no need for them I would like to find a new home for them I will sell very cheap most are size small or extra small if interested please call 509 496-3585 she is on utube in some outfits as Rosa in the sword on the green

  9. Lisa Gamido says:

    Interested in classes

  10. Candi Lysiak says:

    Hi my name is Candi, I am from Bonners Ferry Idaho and will be moving down to the CDA area the first week of December. I’ve been dancing with Devotional Belly Dancing Tribe for a little over a year. I am looking for a group I can join when I get moved. I am at about a level 2 due to some back issues that will get fixed. I learn fast, love to dance, and love to perform. So if you can help me out with some names numbers and prices I would sure appreciate it. My income is fairly limited but I will afford what I have to so I can keep dancing. Thank you. You can reach me at 208 627 2513 or email me at candilysiak@gmail.com. thank you again, namaste, and many blessings

  11. Chanel white says:

    How long is the classes and is there private classes and if so how much

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