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At Northwest Bellydance, our focus is on developing a well-rounded education for our students. We begin with a firm foundation in the basics, to create a strong basis to grow from.

About classical bellydance

Classical bellydance by Nefabit, Photo by Austinspace

Classical bellydance by Nefabit, Photo by Austinspace

Classical bellydance is the glamorous entertainment of the cabarets and cruise ships of Egypt. The style is airy, theatrical and ethereal, backed by complex orchestral music. Dancers are bedazzled in costumes in luxe fabrics bedecked with sequins, beads and coins.

Tribal fusion dance is a modern, western evolution of bellydance. The style combines Middle Eastern movement vocabulary with influences from other dance styles including flamenco,  modern and hip hop. The musical influences are wide and varied, from traditional to funky. Costumes mix ethnic textiles and metallic accents with western imagination.

Nickie B. Photo by Sudden Exposure

Tribal fusion by Nickie B. Photo by Sudden Exposure

Level One
Our level one classes are designed for newcomers to bellydance, and is accessible to those with no prior dance experience. Students learn posture, basic isolations and essential musical and performance skills.
Our unique syllabus includes an exclusive study guide that covers all material covered in the level one session.
Students learn a simple choreography under 2 minutes and have the opportunity to perform in student showcases.

Level Two 
In level two, students expand on their knowledge, adding layers, combinations and traveling steps. Use of zills, veils and props is introduced and performance and cultural knowledge is emphasized. Level two choreography for recitals may include use of a prop and features more complexity.

Level Three
In the advanced-professional class, technical skill and performance creation is fine tuned and dancers are challenged with complex exercises. The class is designed to perfect and expand technique to create professional dancers ready for any situation. Advanced dancers who have been involved in the corps have more opportunities for advancement to higher ranks within the professional company.


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